Store that resold stolen iPhones in Paulo Afonso

Police seize cargo of iPhones 11 smuggled in Feira de Santana (BA)

Less than a week after the IRS seized more than 370 iPhones on a bus from Paraguay, the Federal Highway Police arrested last Friday (27/9) a pair that carried another load of smuggled iPhones 11 – this time on Feira de Santana (BA), 115km from Salvador.

With the two men were 17 units of the latest generation iPhones purchased in Paraguay, in different colors and models, and with all their original accessories. The PRF estimates that, together, they were worth about R $ 150 thousand.

The duo owns some electronics stores in Aracaju (SE). They were arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of misappropriation and taken to the Judiciary Police Station in Feira de Santana.

tip from Mauricio Godoi, via UOL

Stolen iPhones in Paulo Afonso

Traveling over 365km from Feira de Santana we arrive at Paulo Afonso (BA), where the Civil Police triggered, also last week, the operation “Rotten apple” – as found out NEWS.

Store that resold stolen iPhones in Paulo Afonso

The operation arose from a police investigation that found complaints from a store in the city that sold stolen iPhones. The investigation took more than six months.

The three store owners, Luan Henrique da Silva Barbosa, Jailson Teixeira Barbosa and Jamison da Silva Barbosa, were arrested for the crime of qualified reception and sent to the Paulo Afonso Territorial Police Station.