Policia admite que pode nunca ter havido drone em aeroporto de Gatwick

Police admit there may never have been a drone at Gatwick Airport

THE London Gatwick Airport was the scene of a great confusion supposedly caused by the use of drones irregular spot. Nevertheless, the local police who has already arrested two suspects for the incident now admits that there is a possibility that there was never such a gadget in place.


Police say suspects purposely used drones to cause chaos and prevent flights

This information comes from itself Sussex Police Superintendent Detective Jason Tingleyin interview BBC. He said that this kind of caution is necessary since there is no hard evidence, only testimony from some people.

"Of course, that's a possibility. We're working with humans saying they saw something. [We need to wait] until we have more clarity about what he said, the details, the weather, the location, the flight direction, all these types." of thing and that's a big task– Jason Tingley, Sussex Police Superintendent Detective

Despite this, detectives are still working on the possibility that a damaged drone found near Gatwick Airport was responsible for all the chaos that occurred between last Wednesday, December 19, and last Saturday, the 22nd.

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