Pokmon Go: Thanks for the update, except that

Pokmon Go is one of the most popular smartphone games available, proven by the success of the game that is still used today. Some time ago we talked about the upcoming Pokmon Go major update and here it is.

The upgrade comes with many changes, especially for the Arenas, thanks to the new reward systems. But the biggest news is the attack system. In this mode, players can team up and fight a "boss" together, just like we have in Neverwinter, Dungeons & Dragons.

Although the update is announced, we will still have to wait a while to enjoy such news. However, have you ever wondered what the real purpose of Niantic, the game developer, is to release this update? Is that just to improve the gaming experience? This is important, of course, as the number of Pokmon Go players is still quite large. But maybe there is another reason!

The Pokmon Go update was good, but only really interesting for fans.

When I first read about the concept of the new fighting system, I thought it would be able to attract people like me: fans of multiplayer games, but not competitors. I even thought about reinstalling the app on my smartphone. But don't be fooled, this attempt to revive our interest in the game is still heavily based on the players' competition system: you still have to go out to hunt down the Pokmon and still have to fight in the arena against other players.

The difference is that you have other reasons for doing so, but the rewards system has been reworked, as well as the game's more pleasant environment with new arenas, badges and more.

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Pokmon Go remains for serial fans, not necessarily multiplayer fans / AndroidPIT

Finally, many things have changed, but the concept of the game is still the same, to the delight of your fans. As for me, it does not attract me to the point of playing the game again. And for you?

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