Pokmon arrives at the Play Store, but only in Japan

Nintendo has promised to create Android games and has begun to do so: after Pokmon Jukebox comes the first game based on Pokmon: Pokmon Shuffle Mobile. Unfortunately, the game is only available for download from the Japanese Play Store.

Nintendo's intention to release games mobile It generated a lot of expectations in the fans of the Japanese, finally we see our favorite characters on Android, with Link and Zelda, Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, Pokmons, among others. However, if Pokmon Shuffle is a taste of what's coming in, I prefer Nintendo to stop now.

The game is not an RPG – like those for GameBoy and DS – not a fighting game – like those for consoles, but rather a 'match 3' classic game format mobile (think Candy Crush simplified). Nintendo has already released a version of Pokmon Shuffle for the 3DS as the same life system and internal shopping.

pokemon shuffle gameplay
Remember something? / ANDROIDPIT

The extensive tutorial is annoying, probably because the game's target audience is small children. At least the developers kept the strengths and weaknesses of the pokmon types, but the application is confusing and makes no sense. Also, while it is perfectly possible to play without shopping, the app constantly offers items.

Pokmon Shuffle Mobile is only available in Japan, free with in-app purchases, requires Android 4.1 and up and occupies about 58MB.

This game for Match-3 fans or for those who like to collect virtual Pokemon without the need for much effort or technique. Honestly, a gigantic disappointment, I hope you don't touch Zelda.

Is this what Nintendo has in mind for gaming? mobile or will we see something decent later?

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