Pokémon Home: the home for all generations of monsters has arrived on Android and iOS systems

Pokmon Home, one that wants to be the home of all generations of collectible creatures, has now reached iOS and Android systems, in addition to Nintendo Switch. The service allows you to store all virtual monsters in boxes in the Cloud so that they can be used in compatible games like Pokmon Sword, Pokmon Shield, Pokmon: Lets Go, Pikachu! EPokmon: Lets Go, Eevee !. To celebrate its launch, Pokmon Banke oPok Transportervo will be available for free for a month.

Among the features available on the different platforms, The Pokmon Company indicates that all Pokmon deposited at Home will now be listed on the National Pokdex, including its Gigantamax forms and other developments. In the Android and iOS application, users will be able to receive Mystery Gifts, exchange Pokmon, find information about events, and check the creatures' power level. There are differences between the features present in the versions for mobile and for the Switch, which you can check in the table below.

Differences between the mobile and Switch versions of Pokmon Home

The mobile application is available for Android, on the Play Store, and for iOS, on the App Store. With regard to prices in the application for Android and iOS, after the first month free of the Premium plan, the monthly cost of the service changes to 3.49 euros, the quarter to 5.49 euros and the annual plan changes to 17 , 99 euros.

The basic version of Pokmon Home presents some conditions in comparison to the Premium. For example, at first you can only save 30 Pokmon. In the second, the number increases to 6,000. If it is an extreme hunt for virtual monsters and you really want to catch them all, the basic version may not be so suitable for your adventures.

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