Pokémon Home arrives in February and will be home to all generations of collectible creatures

Only those who collect the well-known Pokmon since Game Boy times know how difficult it is to keep the collection alive for generations, especially when switching consoles. To ensure that players can maintain the collection, Nintendo has maintained the Pokmon Bank service for years, which has been guarding the creatures of the Game Boy, DS and 3DS games. This service will soon be replaced by Pokemn Home, which guarantees backwards compatibility with Bank and soon it will also be possible to save the monsters from Pokmon GO.

tek pokmon home

The new service arrives in February, on iOS and Android systems, whose account will be paired with that of Switch. The similar idea is to store your creatures in boxes in the cloud so they can be used in compatible games. Compatible games include Pokmon Sword, Pokmon Shield, Pokmon: Lets Go, Pikachu! EPokmon: Lets Go, Eevee!

In practice, players of Pokmon Sword and Shield, for example, can remove their creatures from the game and deposit them in Home, so that they can then use them in other titles such as Lets Go, Pikachu !.

It should be noted that there is a transfer process without return, that is, once you transfer creatures from Pokmon Bank to Home, the Home can no longer return to the bank.

To celebrate the launch of Pokmon Home, Pokmon Banke or Pokk Transporters will be made available free of charge for a period of one month after the launch of the new service.

As for prices, after the first month free of the Premium plan, the monthly cost will be 2.99 euros, the quarter 4.99 euros and the annual plan has a value of 15.99 euros, applied for the exclusive acquisition in the eShop. If you decide to pay for iOS and Android platforms, the same periods have a value of 3.49 euros, 5.49 euros and 17.99 euros, respectively. There are some constraints in the basic version, such as saving 30 Pokmon, against 6,000 in the Premium version. Consider for reference that only in the Pokmon Sword and Shield you have 400 Pokmon to collect. Below see the differences.

tek pokmon home

In the statement, The Pokmon Company details the features in detail, among which the contribution of all Pokmon deposited at Home will now be listed on the National Pokdex, including its Gigantamax forms and other developments. In mobile versions you can receive Mystery Gifts at Home, including some service specifics. There is also information about events, as well as assessments of the creatures' power. On the official website you can see all the features in detail. In the first table you can also compare some features that are exclusive for mobile terminals and the Switch version.

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