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Point to Point Navigation on Apple Maps Finally Arrives in Brazil [atualizado: CarPlay]

It took (too much!), But it came: Apple Maps in Brazil finally gained, apparently from yesterday to today, support for the point to point navigation (also known as turn by turn).

Here's an example of the thing working at Belo Horizonte:

We also have reports that the news is working on So Paulo, Campinas, Braslia and in Rio de Janeiro that is, it is very likely that it is all over Brazil.

This, moreover, must have been one of the main reasons for the delay in getting the appeal to our country; Covering well a territory the size of Brazil, after all, is not an easy task.

The recent thing is that, at the time we publish this issue, Brazil is not even listed on this page of the Apple website. In addition, the Apple Maps app is not yet appearing on Carplay But that should only be a matter of time.

Obviously, so much boredom expecting this news was quite “diluted” when Apple opened the floodgates and allowed Google Maps, Waze, Sygic and others to get into CarPlay. At least now the team is complete. 😃

tip of Caio Alexandre

Update 12/18/2019 7:05 AM

It took a few days, but now Apple has also "become the key" of the Carplay in Brazil:

Peer-to-peer navigation is actually already working across the country, but the Apple Maps app was still missing from CarPlay. Now, for real! 😃