point-to-point navigation arrives in India; more cities with Flyover

Apple Maps: point-to-point navigation arrives in India;  more cities with Flyover

Even with a lot of work ahead, little by little the resources of the Apple Maps they are implemented in even more cities and countries, allowing users to access detailed traffic information, navigate point to point and view internal maps of airports and shopping centers. Without further ado, let’s see what resources have landed in new places recently.

Point-to-point navigation

It was time for India to gain support for point-to-point navigation. With that, Apple Maps offers detailed driving directions across the country, in addition to the extension for transport reservations within the app from the two largest private car services there, Uber and Ola.

Despite the novelty, some features such as public transportation information, lane indication and speed limit are not yet offered by the Apple service. For this reason, rival Google Maps has been the most used navigation app there, as it offers special features specific to the region, such as the “two-wheel mode”, which indicates shortcuts to motorcycle drivers and scooters in the cities.

Support for point-to-point navigation alone may not make most iOS users migrate to Apple Maps, but those who also have an Apple Watch can benefit even more from integrating some of the service’s features, such as proactive alerts.

Point-to-point navigation arrives in India almost three years after Apple announced a millionaire investment in the country, which included improvements to Apple Maps.

Public transportation

Apple Maps users on Denmark, at Finland, at Norway and on Sweden can now view routes from public transport in the biggest (combined) update of the Apple service in Europe to date. In addition, this feature has also reached two new American states: Louisiana and Minnesota.

Coverage includes train, tram, bus and funicular routes in the American states and in the capitals of the aforementioned European countries (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm, respectively), as well as public transport information also on the borders of these regions.

Apple has not yet updated its resource availability page with the new locations, but public transit information is already available there. In Brazil, this feature is only available on Rio de Janeiro is at Sao Paulo.

Flyover, internal maps and speed limit

Apple expanded viewing by Flyover to several new cities in countries like Bahamas, Spain, United States, France, Japan, England, Italy and New Zealand. With this feature, it is possible to view in perspective and navigate in 3D through streets, neighborhoods and important centers in compatible cities. In Portugal, this resource is available in Braga, Coimbra and Port.

Indoor maps of airports and shopping malls have also reached new locations, including Raleigh-Durham International Airport (North Carolina) and dozens of other shopping centers in Canada, Spain and the USA. Check the complete list of airports and malls compatible with the internal maps.

Finally, Apple Maps began to support the speed limit in Canada; as its name suggests, this feature allows the user to view the maximum speed of roads in the available countries (now Canada, USA and United Kingdom).

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