Plux is a multi-device charger that is coming to challenge AirPower

THE AirPower was announced alongside the iPhones X and 8/8 Plus in September 2017, but Apple is taking so long to finally launch it that other manufacturers are already coming with similar options, including its partner Belkin and some Chinese companies.

The idea of ​​charging multiple devices is so good that it became an Indiegogo campaign, but with some differentials: Plux, the surface capable of carrying up to three devices simultaneously.


Although the intention is similar to what is already on the market, Plux has, in addition to a loading surface (its pad), one stand which allows your devices to be charged but positioned vertically. In addition, it provides fast charging with a 10W Qi standard, compared to 7.5W for most competitors, including the AirPower.

The biggest attraction in this gadget is undoubtedly its price: while the Apple option could cost $ 200 (this, of course, based on a distant rumor a few months ago) and others like Belkin’s cost at least $ 60, Plux will come out for only $ 40!

With it, you can also recharge your AirPods and you won’t even need to buy a new case that works with wireless charging as it comes with an adapter to be connected to your case and, so that it doesn’t get a “gambiarrento” finish, they still give a cover to be placed around the case to hide it, looking like this:

If you need to charge your Apple Watch, you will also need to attach your own charger, but the cable is well hidden behind the pad, without any visual pollution.

There is no doubt that when Apple officially launches its wireless charger, it will be a much more “round” option, without “gambiarras”. Still, the Plux has a very good appeal for its price, much less than the AirPower.

Here is the official video of the project:

Those responsible for Plux sought to reach a minimum of US $ 5,000 until next month, but they have already obtained more than US $ 60 thousand with almost 1,300 contributors! If you liked it and would like to purchase one, you can contribute with values ​​starting at US $ 40 on the project page on Indiegogo and be entitled to pad, to stand, a USB-C cable, the receiver and the adapter for your AirPods.

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