Plex starts offering live TV service to subscribers on iPhone and iPad [atualizado: Apple TV também]

In the past few months, the digital media management tool Plex received some major improvements, such as support for Kodi software and a new cloud feature for remote access to its content. None of the news, however, seems more significant to me than what is being announced today: the service development team announced that Plex is now supporting live TV broadcasts.

In practice, the feature that is still in beta allows users to access broadcast broadcasts directly through its Plex interface. For this, it is necessary to connect an antenna to a digital TV converter / transmitter, such as HDHomeRun, and connect the device to the platform; from then on, Plex itself will be in charge of downloading the channel and programming data to present an organized list of the next programs going through all the live channels.

Combining this feature with the ability to record and pause content already offered previously, Plex becomes a viable alternative for those who want to watch TV anywhere and offer an alternative to the old habit of sitting on the sofa in the living room to watch programming of that moment, without possibility of change.

The live TV feature is now available to all subscribers of the Plex Pass service, which costs from US $ 5 a month, and initially it will be possible to watch the content on the air through its iOS and Android TV applications; Apple TV support and other platforms will be coming soon, although it is now possible to watch recorded live TV programs anywhere.

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via CNET

Update 08/02/2017 s 15:30

As promised, Plex today announced the addition of yet another series of devices and platforms that, from now on, will support its live TV feature. For fans of Ma products, the biggest news is the inclusion of Apple TV; Android devices will also have access to the feature, as well as DVR functionality; finally, the Plex Web App, which can be accessed from any browser, also gains the DVR feature (although live TV, at least for now, is also out).

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