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Plex gets offline mode in macOS; Opera Touch and Gmail are updated

Among the latest app updates, the Plex has gained a new full featured Plex Media Player app on Mac, allowing users to download content to watch them offline.

Other news on the App Store include the browser Opera touch, which has updated a new file transfer option, and the app Gmail, which now has a new confidential mode.

Without further ado, let's get to the news?


The popular multimedia content manager never disappoints: with each update, a new (and important feature) is added to the platform, and this time it was no different.

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Now, in the new version of the MacOS and Windows app (called Plex only), users can download content to view them offline, as well as access all existing Plex Media Player functions. As a result, Plex Media Player will stop receiving updates from January 2020, which means the end of support for the player's HTPC settings and TV mode.

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With this, the developer is encouraging Apple TV owners to adopt the dedicated tvOS app as an alternative to Plex Media Player, as well as the new macOS and Windows app, which has all the features of the media player.

Opera touch

Opera Touch Browser app icon

With the most recent update, the Opera now allows users to upload any file types on iOS and Android to Flow, whether it's photos, PDFs, ZIP files and more (up to 10MB each). This means that you can now instantly transfer files between your Mac / PC and mobile devices registered under the same account.

Opera Touch Update

Importantly, this transfer does not happen over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but from Opera's servers. Therefore, you have up to two days to save the downloaded file on the end device after that time, the file will be deleted from the servers.


Gmail app icon: Google Email

Google's email client has been updated with an interesting new confidential mode, where you can disable forwarding, photo viewing, and message downloading.

In addition, you can set an expiration date for a given content (sent or received) and better control your information.

via 9to5Mac