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PlayStation 5: everything we know so far!

The development of PlayStation 5 It started a few years ago and we also know that it will arrive at the end of the year 2020. However, information about what it will look like is still relatively scarce, but we have put it all together in this article.

PlayStation 5 architecture

The PlayStation 5 devkit (Photo: Reproduction)The PlayStation 5 devkit (Photo: Reproduction)

According to a story published by the Financial Times and endorsed by the leading architect of the system, Mark Cerny, in an interview with Wired, the architecture of the PlayStation 5 does not represent a “big difference when compared to PS4“.

This indicates that the PS5 should continue to run games on physical media and have the option to download them via download, and not be a streaming games platform like Google Stadia, for example. On the other hand, Sony entered into a partnership with Microsoft for cloud games, indicating that there is some claim in that regard.

The development kit resembles number five in Roman numerals, but the product that reaches consumers will be, according to Android Central, very different.

“Don't expect something as big as the Xbox Series X” – says the subject of Android Central


Price Unknown
Dimensions Unknown
CPU Based on AMD Ryzen 8-Core
GPU Custom Radeon Navi (TFLOP unknown)
Memory Unknown
Storage Unknown
Storage Type SSD
Optical Out Unknown
Wi-Fi Unknown
AV out Unknown
Outside consumption Unknown
Resolution 8K
USB Unknown
PSVR support Yes


Mark Cerny said that the CPU will be based on the third generation of the AMD Ryzen, with eight cores of the new 7nm microarchitecture Zen2. Apparently it should also include a unit of 3D audio customized.

J a GPU a variation of Radeon Navy, supporting ray tracing. We can consider it a great victory for Sony, as this technology allows light to interact with virtual models in a way hyper-realistic.

According to the same article from Wired, large Hollywood production companies use this technique, but apart from some PC games, no console had had this capability.

"There is the acceleration of Ray Tracing on the GPU, and I think that is something that people are looking for" – said Mark Cerny, who also emphasizes that the technology is not only visual, but also incorporates other elements.

"If you want to test whether players can hear some audios or even step on other players' floors, Ray Tracing is useful."


The Spider-Man game was tested on the PlayStation 5 SSD and had a considerably shorter response time when compared to the PS4 (Photo: Reproduo)The Spider-Man game was tested on the PlayStation 5 SSD and had a considerably shorter response time when compared to the PS4 (Photo: Reproduo)

SSDs are more powerful, faster and deliver a much better gaming experience when compared to other hard drives, such as the HDD.

Mark Cerny demonstrated the game as an example Spider-Man PS4, showing that on PS4 it took 15 seconds to run it quickly, while on PS5 development kit it took 0.8 seconds.

In addition, the SSD can run graphics in 8K, although currently the vast majority of people do not have this type of TV.

Another thing that can be changed thanks to the SSD is the way game downloads work, since on PS5 the downloads can be more customized and removable parts. This means that a player could download only the campaign for one player of a game, or just the multiplayer part, instead of having to download the entire game.

Backwards compatibility

Rumors suggest that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with all Sony consoles (Photo: Reproduo)Rumors suggest that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with all Sony consoles (Photo: Reproduo)

J has been confirmed by both Mark Cerny and PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan that the PlayStation 5 it will be backwards compatible, following the tradition of Sony consoles since the PlayStation 2.

The difference that this time there is a pretense of a “cross-generation” system, which means that a player can start a game on PlayStation 4, continue from where he left off on PlayStation 5, and then go back to PS4 if you want.

It is not yet known whether Sony plans to place the PS4 game library on the PS5. In addition, leaks indicate that the video game may also be backwards compatible with all previous PlayStation editions. However, it is not yet confirmed.

DualShock 5

The DualShock 5 patent shows us a joystick very similar to the PS4 (Photo: Reproduo)The DualShock 5 patent shows us a joystick very similar to the PS4 (Photo: Reproduo)

The patent indicates that control of the PlayStation 5 not be very different from DualShock 4. Although the name is most likely to be DualShock 5, Mark Cerny said the controller “does not yet have a name”.

In the noticeable image a small hole that, most likely, should be used as a voice assistant for the PlayStation, something that had been confirmed by the patent information.

However, a Sony representative also came to the public to say that patents change all the time as the project progresses, and we will only know how the control will actually be when the product is completed.

We know that next generation control will use charging USB-C and to be slightly heavier than DualShock 4. Still, weigh less than the Xbox One controller.

User interface

So far, it is known that the user interface of the PlayStation 5 be more dynamic and give the player more information when compared to the PS4.

“Multiplayer servers will provide the console with activities in real time. The single-player mode also provides information such as missions that you can do and rewards that you can receive after completing all your choices. ”- said Mark Cerny.

Virtual reality

The new PSVR will be lighter and with fewer cables (Photo: Reproduction)The new PSVR will be lighter and with fewer cables (Photo: Reproduction)

The head of the global division of R&D Playstation, Dominic Mallinson, wants the next virtual reality device to be lighter, easier to put on and with fewer cables to use.

A completely cable-free product is difficult to place on the market at the moment because it would be too expensive for consumers, but Mallinson believes that this is a trend for the future.

J Mark Cerny says that "VR is very important to us and that current PSVRs will be compatible with the new console".

It is worth mentioning that Sony has patented a new wireless VR device, but as said before, it should not be released yet with the PlayStation 5, being something more for the future.

General information

The only game that will be released with the console, which has been known so far, is called "Godfall", which must be exclusive to PlayStation 5. However, there is no further information about the game.

The estimate that the PS5 price is, on average, of $ 400 and we also know that the console will be launched at the end of the year along with the rival video game, the Xbox Series X.

And you? Excited about PlayStation 5? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Source: Android Central