Play Store has partial refund for service subscriptions and purchases

The Play Store offers a variety of payment methods through prepaid recharges, gift cards, credit cards and some carriers with postpaid plans. The problem here is refunds for purchases and subscriptions, as today they can only be made in full or then by developer review, which is quite difficult, or by Google itself. But that is about to change.

Google is releasing for developers a toolkit that will allow partial processing of internal, external and Play Store subscriptions. Thus, users who have spent hours, days, or weeks without using a particular service, such as streaming music, video, or email, as long as they are subscribed through the Play Store, may have the amount of that loss refunded to the credit card upon request.

Reimbursement applies to technical problems, for example, that have limited or suspended the provision of some service for a certain period. Also valid for internal purchases, ie bundles purchased within games or apps may also be reversed. The refund option will soon appear in the Google Play settings in the user menu.

Partial refund only valid for credit card purchases or subscriptions made on Google Play

There are some excesses, however, as only subscriptions and purchases made by credit card are readable upon request. Books and magazines purchased on Google Play Newsstand are also not refundable. According to Google, all subscriptions made through the Android store, or then external and internal purchases, from March 2018 are already refundable.

Keep an eye on this article as we will update it when this function is accessible to users.

What did you think of this attitude of Google? Have you had problems with purchases or subscriptions?