Play Store gift cards arrive in stores this Friday

Brazilian Android users already have a gift card option on the Google Play Store. The search giant had already announced the news a week ago, but as of today Gift voucher marketing is now official throughout most of the country.

Gift cards brazil
Gift cards must be available at specific retail stores nationwide! / Google

As stated above, gift cards will be available almost all over the country and can be found in major retailers' stores such as American Stores, Extra Hypermarket, Extra Supermarket, Mini Extra Market, Acar Powder, Ponto Frio, Walmart, BIG, Hyper Bompreo, Bompreo, Saraiva and Sams Club, who have already started the distribution process.

To work, cards must be activated at the cashier before they are valid and will sell for $ 30, $ 50, and $ 100. Google Play gift cards can be used to buy books, games, movies , apps, and more. To redeem your gift card you can use the web or any Android device, and no credit card is required.

If you receive or use a card but would like to receive the rest of the amount back, according to Google, simply request a deposit to a bank account that will be done within 30 days. The option to purchase virtual gift cards at the store itself is not yet available.

I use them Gift cards from the Play Store for almost a year and I can guarantee that once you validate the card in the Play Store, all purchases are easier and faster.

And, have you bought your gift card from the Play Store?

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