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Play Store Blow: WhatsApp becomes involuntric cmplice

It's unfortunate, but malware apps still go through Google's filter and find their way to the Play Store. A new wave of malicious applications uses the data you provided WhatsApp to get your money's worth.

WhatsApp, Google, AndroidPIT

For now, apps are restricted to Spanish language. They are called: Easy Peinated, Diets to Reduce El Abdomen, Rutinas Ejercicios for the Gym and Recipe Cupcakes. Unbeknownst to you, these apps sign you up for an expensive messaging service and send premium SMS with your account once installed. Carriers typically block third parties from accessing your SIM card to prevent this type of problem. Here's the world's most popular messaging app: Taking advantage of a security hole, malware apps get their phone number through WhatsApp.

Do not install these apps! / Panda Mobile Security

Everyone knows that for WhatsApp registration we need to provide our phone number as an account verifier. At this point, effective protection is lacking to prevent other software from accessing such data. This will alert you to the apps shown above and anyone else that requires a confirmation or acceptance with wet letters before showing part of the content.

Never click "accept" if you cannot read the terms and conditions. / Clark Beggage / Panda Security
Only by zooming in on the image can the blow be discovered. / Clark Beggage / Panda Security

Have you ever been the victim of a similar scam? Do you know if there are already applications in Portuguese with the same scheme?

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