Play Rock-Paper-Scissors on iPhone without touching the screen

There is a very old joke that was very popular before computers, video games and smartphones: the Rock, paper and scissors, in which everyone makes a simultaneous gesture with the hand and who is overcome by the other, loses.

Technology has arrived and with it the old games are adapted. And the app ShiFuML Bring machine learning together with iOS gesture recognition to bring back the classic game while maintaining the same fun.

ShiFuML is the first App Store app to use gesture recognition. Therefore, it needs at least iOS 12 installed on the device.

To play it very simple: you make the gesture of scissors, rock or paper in front of the front camera of the iPhone, and the application recognizes. Artificial Intelligence then plays with you and tells you who won or lost that round.

One of the developers showed how it works:

The game is completely free and without advertising, because it was made as an experiment. The Belgian companydjanah Research innovative solutions for the deaf and visually impaired, and playing with this type of technology helps in developing these solutions.

The app is also compatible with iMessage, so you can challenge your contacts.

If you want to try it, the game can be installed by this link.