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Play Pokemon GO? See the data the game collects from your smartphone

Pokmon GO has barely arrived in Brazil and has already become a fever, news already circulating the media showing the most absurd situations that occurred with the players, but today we will talk about the application itself, the goal is not to discourage you to play, far from it but letting you know what the app is allowed to do, since so many children (and adults) are walking around with it now. Let's go?

Pokemon GO - Data collected

Apps that collect user data are massive, Pokmon GO are more in the crowd, however, given its incredible volume of users achieved within a few weeks, it catches our eye.

Download Pokmon GO for Android and iOS here.

Nintendo was very happy when the value of the company increased by about $ 10 billion after Polmon Go was released and millions of downloads took place, however, Nintendo is not the main developer of Pokmon GO, the company responsible for it Niantic. Inc., a company that is part of Alphabet, the same company that owns Google, so we already know that the game will collect information that will be used later in the "giant of Montain View", let's go a little deeper. .

Who read the information contained in Pokmon GO's privacy policy may have a clearer notion of what the App does. As Pokmon GO uses your smartphone's GPS, it can know where you are and say a lot based on your movement.

In addition to knowing where you went (or are going), Niantic is allowed to capture your email address, the IP you are using, the internet page you accessed before starting the game and your username. . If you sign in with your Google account to play on an iPhone or iPad, the App will have access to your email and Google Drive.

What worries some people is the fact that the game is massively played by lay people, having such a large mass of users, it will surely draw the attention of criminals, not only in real life, as has happened several times where people had stolen belongings. As with the virtual thugs, who can eventually target Niantic servers and gain access to them, it is possible for criminals to gain access to all this data.

This kind of tracking information that internet services make seems invasive to many people, they are becoming more common every day and in fact, a lot of this data can help to improve the services, but the line between privacy breach and say , "fair collection" to improve services, faint.

Anyway, if you don't want to be indexed, "just get off the internet and abstract from virtually all technology," like the GNU project's father, Richard M. Stallman.

I particularly do not care so much about this and completely respect who has a more restrictive position. I can not say that I feel completely comfortable with indexing information, but I am not comfortable to stop using technology because of that too, however, I find it perfectly appropriate to observe some permissions that do not seem to have a practical utility for the game, such as For example, knowing which page you were on before you started playing. This is weird.

As Matrix already reported: Knowledge power.

And nowadays, knowledge about users' habits is worth more than anything else to internet businesses. Everything having its good side and its bad side.

Pokmon GO is as invasive as any other current Internet service, but it still doesn't arrive at Windows 10 ps or Facebook, and include just about any tech giant here. Apparently the Pokmon GO GPS can help Google make Google Maps even more accurate.

See you next time!

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