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A year ago Google prepared a surprise for users of the Google Maps: It was possible to collect Pokemns from around the world. This year, the other one: eating balls and running away from ghosts: PAC MAN has arrived!

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Now on Maps! / Stefano tinti http://www.shutterstock/gallery-1301668p1.html / Shutterstock

To play in web simple, just open the page and find the PAC MAN icon in the bottom left corner. He selects a rectangle and the game will be run on the streets of that space.

In app a bit more complicated; It is only possible to play in some specific places. The tips of these places are in Insert Currency, in the Maps side menu. After solving the tip, just go to the place in question and touch the round floating icon (Material Design here) with the MAN PAC symbol. Slide your finger in the direction you want the eats to go and you're done.

pac man maps
The PAC MAN icon is the city ranking. / ANDROIDPIT
pac man google maps
Play on the streets of New York. / ANDROIDPIT

There is also one ranking by cities, making it easy to find out where you can play. A tip from me: look for Times square and v zooming in until PAC MAN appears.

There is also an integration with Ingress. After losing all possible lives Try again, Share Your Result, Play in Real Life with Ingress or Get out. From what I've seen, only Ingress avatars are now PAC MAN's.

pac man ingress
Ingress "dress" of PAC MAN. / ANDROIDPIT

The game appeared without an update, and to run it you must have installed the google maps verse 9.6. O game only be available for a few days, so enjoy while PAC MAN, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are on your maps.

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Did you like or like the surprise?

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