Platform helps developers around the world to explore the best software tools

Platform helps developers around the world to explore the best software tools

Discover new tools and services, compare platforms and learn about stacks from large companies. With the StackShare website, developers can access these features, while also having the opportunity to discover job vacancies depending on their location.

As it is necessary to create an account for free to take advantage of the platform's features, StackShare places some questions on the table when you register. Tools used, your position and the company you work for are some of the information required.

Once you have created your account, you have access to developers' opinions regarding the tools, and you can also leave your feedback and discuss ideas. The objective that everyone benefits from this sharing, taking into account that choosing components such as Software as a service (SaaS) can be a difficult task.


To help in this regard as well, the site includes a community of developers and engineers who recommend, review and share their stacks, that is, the set of technologies that an organization uses to create a web or mobile app. Through the platform you can, for example, know which stacks which apps like Pinterest, Uber or Facebook use and know which ones are most popular on the platform.

Another resource that can be quite useful is the dry jobs available on the website. The platform allows you to search for vacancies depending on your location, having the possibility to also select the tools with which you are familiar and the company for which you would like to work.