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Plants vs. Zombies 2: update brings new zombies, maps and turbo mode!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 has received a major update, which brings with it several new functions. This version of the popular tower defense game now shows new opponents, new map view and turbo mode. The game was one of the highlights of 2013, and now it's even better!

teaser pvsz
Pop Cap / AndroidPIT

The update was not so aggressive to change the whole look of the game. Even so, he brought about big changes. To begin with, the map overview got better, with the specification of the individual worlds: before, the road had several theme park forks, and now there is a single line, which leads to the upper levels with new plants and challenges.

pvsz 1
The new map just got simpler. / Pop Cap

And speaking of challenges: new opponents have also arrived at Plants vs. Zombies 2, and they are very strong! The huge Gargntuas carry no less than a shark as a weapon and carry baby zombies on their backs.

pvsz 3
Hard to beat: Gargntuas come with sharks and baby zombies on their backs. / Pop Cap

Another change will make players who are experienced or who use the game only for short breaks: turbo modeEverything is faster, and levels can be played almost half the time.

And finally an interesting detail has also been inserted: the keys collected from completed worlds are transformed and coins and can be used for special offers.

Have you tested the game with the new update? What do you think?

Plants vs. Zombies 2
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