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Plants vs. Zombies 2 – A tall successor?

Zombies are part of modern pop culture. These brain eaters are everywhere. Since 2009, and thanks to the game Plants vs. Zombies, they found powerful opponents, the carnivorous plants!

Since the second version of the successful game is as cool as the first. Check out the answer in my test!

Functions & Usage

With Plants vs. Zombies 2, the gameplay and all the mechanics of the game largely identical to the original, and the principle of the game has only been partially expanded and improved. The player's mission remains to eliminate and block different types of zombies with equally varied plants.

The screen is horizontally the playing surface, and the zombies always walk from right to left. The space between the two ends is occupied by 9×5 squares. In each of the 5 clues I turn the zombies, and to stop them you can place plants in one of 9 squares. As in the first verse, the game's currency is sunbeams. They appear at regular intervals falling from the sky literally. To have more of them, the player must have sunflowers that produce their own rays. Only with them can you get enough plants to defeat the oncoming zombie army!

PVZ Screenshot2
The start screen gives the impression of intense war through the ages! / AndroidPIT

The number of plants has greatly increased, and so has the number of zombies, so the game remains interesting. Sometimes, however, the process could be faster, especially at the beginning of campaigns. Some of the predecessor's tactical elements have been abolished, which may disappoint some veterans.

Speaking of campaigns, they lead to small internal stories (around time travel), and take our plants to ancient Egypt and the time of pirates. At these different times there are also new graphic elements on the screen, which always gives the game a freshness. The zombies also adapt to each season. In Egypt, for example, they are followers of R, and try to steal the sun's rays.

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Dave and his time machine. / AndroidPIT
<p>Another novelty, which should not be as successful as the others: it is now possible to buy fertilizers and improvements with real money. With the right tactic, however, you can also enjoy the entire game for free.</p>
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Screen & Controls

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a feast for the eye when it comes to graphics, color rendering, and completely harmonious interaction between form and content. The comic look and beautiful animations, allied to background music, complete the game's experience and impress.

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The new phases through the ages. / AndroidPIT
<h2>Speed ​​& Stability</h2>
<p>Plants vs. Zombies 2 runs on Nexus 4, even with dozens of units on the screen, always in a fluid and choking way.</p>
<h2>Price / Performance Ratio</h2>
<p>Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available for free. In the game can be bought several improvements or even new plants. The price for them is often absurdly high.</p>
<p><h2>Final Verdict</h2>
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Plants vs. Zombies 2 entertains and a continuation height of the original. I would recommend it for any gamer profile. In-app purchases are a separate issue, which does not prevent the use of strategy for success. A good app that does justice (newly formed) franchise, with significant improvements and variations of the theme that does not give place to boredom.

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