Planeta BES promotes sustainability through online gaming

The promotion of sustainability policies and practices is one of the objectives of Planeta BES, an online game launched by Banco EspĂ­rito Santo in which the visitor takes a leading role. But issues related to financial literacy, innovation and renewable energies have not been overlooked.

When entering the website developed by Biodroid, it is easy to see that behind this initiative there is a technological support that allows the user to immerse themselves in a new reality, whether it is walking through the demonstration and exhibition rooms or the fields of the Planet BES, driving a Buggy (tram).

The tour takes you through an outside world that has 17 species of animals and 12 of flora that can be discovered, as well as a smaller representation space, the Casa da Biodiversidade, where relevant information is available in this area.

Fonte do BES explains to TeK that sustainability “is one of the bank’s strategic axes, with a strong presence in terms of business areas, behaviors and the creation of innovative products that contribute positively to the community”. The Planeta BES project fits into this vision of benefit to the community, presenting itself as the first application for online entertainment and learning, worldwide, created for a financial entity, he added.

Planeta BES was designed with the collaboration of several BES partners, including the Portuguese Mathematical Society (SPM), the Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Research Center (CIBIO) and the Ricardo do EspĂ­rito Santo Silva Foundation (FRESS) . Among the contributions of these entities is the scientific validation of information.

bes planet

Without setting targets for joining the game, BES believes that this project will receive the interest of many users, who can also win prizes through interactive games, where the accumulated points are convertible into tickets for four people in the Fluviário de Mora, in the nature reserve Beech Brava and the Lisbon Oceanarium.