PJ holds "money mules" in Portugal with scams of more than 100 thousand euros in several countries

The National Combat Corruption Unit of the Judiciary Police carried out seven house and house searches today, giving rise to four arrests of suspects in the practice of money laundering. The criminal process is taking place at DIAP de Santarm.

The suspects are aged between 31 and 48 years old and collaborated with an international network dedicated to the practice of qualified frauds. The suspects allegedly received earnings from criminal activity by mobilizing and sending these funds to other members of the network, playing the role of money mules.

The PJ explains that criminals operated by placing fake advertisements on the internet to sell goods and services, convincing their victims that they were dealing with a real deal. The payment of the amounts agreed in the business were made through international bank transfers, to accounts indicated by the contacts.

When payments were made, the victims did not receive the products they had purchased, losing contact with the burles. Only then did they realize that they had been the target of a scam. The crime crossed borders in several countries in Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary and Austria, with property losses in excess of 100 thousand euros.

The arrested suspects will be present to a judge tomorrow for a first interrogation and enforcement of enforcement measures.

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