PJ detains 19-year-old linked to Cyberteam for DDoS attacks on public and private entities

PJ detains 19-year-old linked to Cyberteam for DDoS attacks on public and private entities

The Judicial Police, through its UNC3T (National Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime), detained a 19-year-old, and identified and accused another 23-year-old suspect, for the repeated practice of crimes of illegitimate access, falsehood, computer damage and sabotage. The PJ stated in a statement that the action was followed by the participation of different entities, with recurrence of the suspects.

The PJ carried out home searches in four locations, having seized various computer material used in the respective illicit practices, including DDoS and Defacing attacks, aimed at public and private entities. These practices showed signs of worsening in the past two months.

It is said that the young detainee already had a history of similar crimes, and will be present at a first judicial interrogation in order to know the appropriate coercive measures. The PJ adds that, in addition to compromising the integrity and availability of the data and information of the target entities, these crimes affect social peace and security in the field of cyberspace.

In statements to SAPO TEK, Dr. Carlos Cabreiro, director of UNC3T, confirmed that the detention of the young man is linked to the Cyberteam group, which is also subject to thousands of email addresses and the respective passwords of public, governmental entities, telecommunications operators such as Altice Portugal, police, banks, parties, Social Security and even football clubs, with reference to the April 25 carnations revolution. The group of hackers, have planned a concentrated attack to release this data online, on the day of the start of the trial of the Anonymous collective case, which took 21 individuals accused of hacking, including Rui Cruz, the founder of TugaLeaks.

The UNC3T director stated that the investigations are continuing, with other suspects to be investigated. Still in relation to the case of the young man detained for previous crimes in computer crimes, Dr. Carlos Cabreiro told SAPO TEK that he belonged to the Anonymous group, but at the time of the arrest of the subjects brought to court he was still a minor, having been placed at the time in a post office. However, the director of UNC3T, ruled out any connection from the young man to the recent EDP attack.