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Pixelmator Pro integrates full app extension into Photos; Dropbox, CARROT Weather and Parallels Toolbox are updated

And we are again with the most important updates of most popular applications on App store (or out of it)! Let's take a look at them?

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Team's professional image editor has gotten some great news in version 1.4: an extension for the app Photos. But we're not talking about an extensive ?half-ass? essentially any entire app running inside an Apple platform window.

Pixelmator Pro app icon

With the new feature, you can make professional edits to your images without leaving the Photos app. Pixelmator Pro extension supports RAW images, layers and non-destructive changes, plus all keyboard shortcuts, and saves everything to iCloud automatically.

In addition, the update has a new zoom tool and a zoom feature. crop improved with finer adjustments down to the pixel level. Other enhancements have been included: You can, for example, insert layered images in various formats by simply dragging them into your project or copying them from Finder; the tool of slice has gained an update and the app performance has been improved in multi-layer editing.


Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 168.2 (252.7 MB) Requires the iOS 11.1 or superior

Meanwhile, cloud service has brought news to your app on iOS: Dropbox 152.3 allows you, for example, to undo movements in your files or folders, as well as scan documents and send photos directly from the app's home screen.

The update is also fully integrated with the Dropbox Transfer service, which we already talked about here. Finally, file and document comment notifications have now been improved, you can delete, resolve, reply to, or read comments directly in your notices.

Carrot Weather

CARROT Weather app icon

The humorous weather forecasting app has come out on its iPad version: we now support features Slide over and Split view, as well as a redesign designed to take better advantage of the tablet's expanded viewing area.

Overall, CARROT Weather has gained synchronization and restore support by iCloud, so you can save and restore your app preferences (locations, settings, achievements, and secret locations) by Ma's cloud service, keeping them up to date on all your devices. Finally, we have improved notifications for severe weather events and more informed weather maps (for subscribers of Tier 2).

Parallels Toolbox

Finally, the Parallels ?toolbox? has been updated with, guess what, new tools. Toolbox version 3.5 now comes with a history of the download area, so you can easily retrieve previously copied items, and a very nice utility by which you can hide menu bar items in a great secondary menu for those who fill that area. of icons and do not know where to locate.

We also have a new power saving mode that saves up to 8% of your battery by turning off certain non-essential features and changing some hidden settings, and a timer to put the computer into sleep mode. The disk wipe feature has been updated, and now users can see exactly what is being erased, while the duplicate finder tool has gained the ability to select multiple files at once for immediate deletion.

Parallels Toolbox can be purchased from the developer's official website, and costs $ 20 per annum.