Pixelmator Pro gets feature that matches colors in two images; Lightroom, CleanMyMac X, and Facebook are updated

And, as usual, we're back to highlight the most interesting app news from App store plus a cool update from outside of it. Let's take a look?

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro app icon

One of the best image editors for Macs has gotten a really amazing feature. The call ML Match Colors uses machine learning to “read” the color palette and the illumination of two completely different images and match them.

This way you can crop a person from a photo and put them in a totally different scenario Pixelmator Pro will do all the necessary processes so that the person really looks like “being there”, making 37 color adjustments like exposure, shadows, highlights and much more.

You can access the tool by dragging any photo to the Color Adjustments panel or the Edit menu.

The video below gives a demonstration of the feature:

In addition to ML Match ColorsPixelmator Pro 1.3.4 also comes with a new free transform tool that allows image distortion in four modes. Free upgrade for all users of the software, and the app costs $ 150 on the App Store.


Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos app icon

Meanwhile, Adobe has updated its image management and editing application, Lightroom, on both iOS and macOS. On both platforms, a new tool called Texture Allows you to control the sharpness or smoothness of images or portions of the software. The software automatically separates the “parts” of the photo so that nothing looks grainy or out of focus.

Lightroom has also gained enhanced collaboration features: It is now easier to invite others to add photos to your album, and it is possible to generate a link that, when clicked, allows someone else to request access to the album in question.

On iOS specifically, we have a new home screen, aptly named Home, which shows recent photos, interesting community creations, and interactive tutorials showing you how to get to the displayed effects. For now, the exclusive new iOS, but should be brought to macOS soon.

CleanMyMac X

The Mac cleaning and maintenance tool, in turn, has a new feature that seems to be really cool: the option to release the “purgable space” of your machine with the simple click of a button.

Freeing cleanable space in CleanMyMac X

Developer MacPaw explained, in a post on her official blog, what is considered “cleanable space” by CleanMyMac X. The software collects non-fundamental system-generated non-fundamental files as well as user files that are “useless”. ”Or synchronize with iCloud and then erase them, freeing up disk space.

The free purgable space feature is available in the CleanMyMac X 4.4.1 Maintenance module, which is now available for free upgrade. For those who don't have the software, it can be purchased from the MacPaw website at R $ 122 No license for one year (several other license options can be seen there).


Facebook app icon

Finally, the world's largest social network app got back a feature that had gone out of business: a user's ability to view their profile as if they were a member of the public.

Today, we make it easier for users to manage publicly visible information on Facebook with two updates: (1) we are bringing back the “See As Public” feature and (2) we are adding a button to edit public details directly on us. profiles.

The feature had been removed last September when its functionality was found to harbor a loophole that allowed information to be hacked and stolen.