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Pixel 3 only ties with iPhone XR in DxOMark camera test

O Google Pixel 3 caused a lot frisson In the world of mobile photography since it was launched, a few months ago people swore to their feet that the device has the best camera on a smartphone and Google's computational approach to capturing images, filled with artificial intelligence, is the future of business. Well, according to the folks at DxO LabsThis advantage is not so clear.

DxO Labs Pixel 3 Camera Test

In the long overdue test, photo and video alias performed by the lab, Pixel 3 won 101 points, same score as iPhone XR a few weeks ago. This means that both devices tie as the best-placed smartphone with only one rear camera, but both still far behind devices like the iPhone XS Max (105 points) and the Huawei P20 Pro (the current absolute champion). , with 109 points).

Pixel 3, iPhone XS and Pixel 2, respectively. Click / touch the images to enlarge them.

Regarding the photographic skills of Pixel 3, DxO Labs especially praised the zoom of the device and its Portrait Mode, considered the best for a single camera device, but still not as good as most dual camera devices. . The preservation of detail in the photos and the fast and competent autofocus were also praised; in video, noise reduction was considered the strongest point.

Note that the DxOMark test only takes into account the default auto mode settings on each smartphone; because of this, we didn't take into account the famous mode Night sight Released for Pixel smartphones a few weeks ago the software update, described basically as “witchcraft”, significantly improved the performance of night-photo gadgets and placed Google's smartphones as absolute champions of low light photography.

Pixel 3, iPhone XS and Huawei P20 Pro, respectively. Click / touch the images to enlarge them.

Whatever the outcome, my considerations are the same: on top of today's smartphones, any camera will be very satisfying to any user who has no ambiance for professional photography. Pixel represents several practical advances in this art and so it deserves clapping even though its DxOMark score doesn't fully reflect it.

via 9to5Google