Pixar releases powerful RenderMan for Linux

Pixar has released rendering software used in "The Lord of the Rings " and "Star Wars" for free and non-commercial use, available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

RenderMan released by Pixar

A powerful and professional rendering tool for Linux

One more proof that Linux can be used in this medium that is widespread through Mac, audiovisual production, if you use Linux to work with 3D projects, with Blender for example, will be happy to know that now the powerful engine of Pixar rendering, RenderMan, can now be used by regular users for their work.

RenderMan is not exactly modeling software, but a renderer, so it has no interface and should be used in conjunction with modeling software such as Blender, The Foundry's Katana or even Maya, all can be used by Even Linux, in the case of movies, usually builds rendering servers with Linux, possibly Red Hats.


Installing RenderMan on Linux is very simple, first you have to create a Pixar forum account and activate it through your email to create the account. click here. Once you have created your account it's time to download the program, this is the download page, there you will find the versions for Linux, Windows and Mac, always in 64 bits, but here we have a detail, the version for Linux offered in an RPM package, which supports my idea of ​​using Red Hat servers, or even , CentOS, Fedora or openSUSE, however, the package is not originally compatible with Ubuntu or Debian for example, but rest assured that Diolinux has already made a version of the package, converted with Alien, ready for you to download and install in the format DEB CLICK TO DOWNLOAD – Download RenderMan for Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, openSUSE, Cent OS and any other distros that use RPM packages. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD – Download RenderMan for Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint and any derivatives that use DEB packages (Diolinux converted verse)

Regardless of the version you download to install, just double-click on the file, in the case of the version in DEB, it points out that a package of poor quality, having just been converted from RPM to DEB, just ignore the warning.

Using RenderMan with Blender

Officially RenderMan only works with Katana and Maya, but it can be used in other programs like Blender, popular in the Linux world and available in the official repositories of all distros.

To use RenderMan as Blender's rendering engine after installing the program in DEB or RPM open Blender, go to the program settings, in the add-ons tab enable RenderMan by clicking the "checkbox" on the right, just close and open the program. again.

RenderMan used in Blender

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