Piracy finds a new way to distribute content: Google Drive

With torrent services in the middle of a war against copyright holders, piracy has found a new place to share its files: Google Drive.

According to the Gadgets 360 website, the search engine has received more than 5,000 requests to remove files hosted on its cloud storage service in the past 30 days.

“Links to these videos are shared as links from Google Drive through discussion forums and other channels, so it is difficult for content owners to find the videos and take them down,” says the publication.

Google Drive encryption also prevents Google from being able to “see” the content of files that are uploaded to the product or even moved between the company’s servers.

In addition to Google Drive, Google Discovery also noted, a few weeks ago, that YouTube has been used to show full-length movies and streams of pirated content through YouTube Live’s live streaming tool.