Piper Jaffray: Apple is ahead of Intel in mobile chips … but who is not?

Be honest: someone will come up and say that you are cuter than a baby rat is not exactly a compliment, is it? (Being more cuddly than a panda cub, on the other hand, is impossible.) Because of that, I don't consider this observation made by Gus Richard, analyst from Piper Jaffray, there's a lot: Apple is ahead of Intel in the mobile chip market. Wow!! That would be something big, were it not for the fact that Chipzilla be practically zero in that area.

How many tablets and smartphones Intel inside! have been released in recent years? Saw?

Apple A5 processor

Richard believes that Apple's advantage is not in the pure and simple power of the processed ones, but in their efficiency due to the way they are built and how they handle their tasks, despite not being faster than an i3 core, for example, the A5 looks faster in the eyes of the consumer, and that weighs a lot.

Another problem that Intel has not yet shown itself capable of going beyond the PC, and its multi-purpose chip designs would not be able to compete with integrated models (system-on-a-chip, SoC).

The cat's leap, however, would be in the matter of making the chips themselves: Intel has its own production lines, while Apple depends on other companies to get their hands dirty.

Owning your own nose, in this respect, allows you to innovate more aggressively in the case of Chipzilla, for example, enables the use of substantially smaller architectures in its next generation of products.

Meanwhile, Ma depends on what Samsung offers.

What really matters, however, is the question: will Intel lose its place on Macs as they become more and more like iPads and ARM processors become more powerful? where does the danger live

(via CNET News)