Pinguy OS, a MAC TUX

Pinguy OS, a MAC TUX

If anyone still found Linux complicated, then knowing this distro will certainly change his mind; Pinguy OS, a distribution based on the much acclaimed Ubuntu. But similar to Mac OS, and unlike Ubuntu, it comes with all installed programs. Video and audio codecs, VIrtual Box, Wine, Desktop effects and browser plugins are just some examples of programs that are already included in this distribution. Anyone who thought Linux was a seven-headed bug began to change their mind when they started using Ubuntu. If you still think Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution in the world, is still complicated, you need to know Pinguy OS. The developers of this distro claim that it is suitable for people who have never used the system before, but want something free and practical Admittedly, Pinguy OS is a copy of Ubuntu, quite common in the world of free software. Programs and systems inspire each other, often copying functions to improve not only the systems, but also the ideology behind this type of application. The starting point of Pinguy OS is simplification. Therefore, the developers researched and found the simplest applications to use as the system default, ie those that have already been installed. These are practical options for performing daily tasks for all users. Thus, tools like Shotwell to extract images from the camera and upload them to PC or Facebook, as well as gtkpod, a replacement for iTunes for uploading your iPod to music, are prominent in the district. The Brasero disc burner, another simple solution for Linux, is also present in Pinguy OS. Natively, Ubuntu does not bring many solutions for visual enhancement and this absence filled in Pinguy OS. Applications such as CoverGloobus, Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, and Docky are some of the most expensive features in this distribution, giving it much improved navigation and visual modification functions. The default theme is Elementary, one of the most beautiful and classic in Ubuntu. Nautilus, the system's file manager, has been replaced by Elementary-Nautilus, which is beautifully equipped with a number of plugins so you can find music and art directly from the web.

100% ready to use

Pinguy OS comes ready to use, with a number of extra packages already installed for you to install and exit using. Extra files for audio and video playback, Java and Flash web content access, plus enhanced wireless tools and full screen flash video viewing are also highlights of this distro.

System Download Link here

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