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Pilot Era, 8K VR 360 all-in-one camera, is in Indiegogo for $ 1999


A good choice for professionals, but a very expensive alternative to casual wear.

THE Pi-Soft Tech unveiled its latest product – the camera Pilot Era.The device described as "the first true camera all-in-one 8K VR 360 in the world "is currently available on Indiegogo for $ 1999.00.

The Pilot It was a professional 8K 360 VR camera like a smartphone with four cameras. It has high definition touch screen, operating system based on Android and 8K video stitching in-camera. The developer still promises to send OTA updates and enhancements to the camera software on a regular basis.

The camera weighs 690g and has 512GB of storage, which can hold up to 6.5 hours of 8K video or 26,000 panoramas. It also comes with a removable battery of 7200mAh on the device, which can record up to 8 hours of 8K video.

According to Indiegogo's description, Pilot Era uses first-class hardware and sewing algorithms. in-camera the four fisheye lenses F2.28 with V122 H185 D185 and the sensors of the Sony capturing all the details. Specifications such as HDR, ISO, EV, WB and others can meet the needs of professionals.

With respect to software, a Pilot Go mobile app Helps make the camera easier to use. The user can use the Pilot Era as a standalone multifunctional device, performing tasks such as image stitching *, viewing, publishing and adjusting settings without their phone or computer. Photos automatically snap together when they are captured.

* Image stitching is a process that combines multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or a high resolution image.

Pi-soft Tech was founded by some alumni** from the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong in 2012. The company focuses on research and development of imaging and graphics fusion algorithms and visual products.

** Latin term commonly used to refer to "alumni", graduates or bachelors in a particular higher education course.

Via: Indiegogo, Gizmochina Source: Pisofttech