Piiig Labs is an educational app for children to conduct scientific experiments

Piiig Labs is an educational app for children to conduct scientific experiments

Anyone with a small child knows very well that iPads are a great weapon to calm the child. But we always try to bring together the best of both worlds, that is, in addition to being distracting, great when the app also teaches something to the youngsters. This is exactly what Piiig Labs does.

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Piiig Labs is a digital playground for your children to explore the concepts of old-fashioned science, carrying out mini-projects and learning through interaction and, sometimes, trial and error. Putting their hands in the dough in the breeding process, children will be able to see inside how things work!

The one for those who hit the chest and say: "I'm a nerd, my son will be too!"

Look at the levels of interactions available: children can assemble up to 12 interactive kits, build a lamp circuit (and turn it on / off to see if it’s working), set up a radio and tune it in five stations, and mix sodium bicarbonate and vinegar to make a volcanic eruption. There are also those “normal” children's games, like connecting sounds to the right animals.

The app has no advertising or In-App Purchase that is, he paid US $ 3, took everything he is entitled to.

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