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PicsArt Photo Studio – Functions, How to Use, Download, Advantages and Disadvantages

It is an image editing, collage and drawing application, and it also works as a social network. It is considered one of the best apps of its kind today, and is available for Android, iOS and Windows phones. It is an intuitive application that can be used by almost any type of user.

The application provides a number of functions for editing and customizing photos taken with the mobile phone or imported from the computer or social network. It takes creativity to fully exploit the functions. The application is free, but some functions are paid for.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Main functions

  • Large library filters including frames, backgrounds, borders and callouts;
  • Collage machine, with several ready models;
  • Fantastic effects and simple to use, making the images look professional;
  • Clip art library;
  • Drawing tools

How to download?

To access the app, I need to download it to my phone. If your device is an iphone, downloaded from the Apple Store. Open the app on your phone and type picsart photo studio in the search. After locating the app, click Get and download it. Your iphone must be iOS 11 or higher and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

In the case of phones using the android system, the download is made by Google Play and in this case it is necessary PicsArt Photo Studioyour device is running Android 5.0 or higher. For windows the required system is 8.1, and downloaded from the Windows app store. In either case, the procedure for downloading the same application from the iPhone.

How to use the app?

To edit a photo, click the + icon at the bottom of the screen. Key functions such as backgrounds, collages, and drawings appear just below the photo selection field.

When selecting the desired photo, a new menu will be available at the bottom of the screen. The first item in this Tools menu has various options for clipping, selecting, stretching, cloning, highlighting, and many others.

The next item is Effects, with options such as blur, magic, artistic, distort, among others. Here you get fantastic effects such as giving the impression that the image is crumbling. To apply this effect, choose a photo and then click on tools, choose the scattered option and, with your finger, mark the area that will have the effect. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select the size, direction, stretch effects as desired. Then save. It's very simple, and that's one of the ways to do it. You can add more than one image to further enhance the effect. It is worth testing without fear all the editing options the app offers.

In the item Beautify it is possible to correct imperfections in the image through various effects, such as skin and hair color, soften and fix the face, etc.

This menu still has the functions Sticker (to add another image or drawing), Cropping, Add Text, Square (for square photos used on Instagram), Brushes, Border, Draw, Flash (to apply light effects to the photo), Mask, among others. For each action in the photo, click apply, and then choose to save or discard in the following message.

Another very cool option is to work with double exposure photo editions. As you can see, there are so many options just in the editing part, your creativity is the limit to everything that can be done within the application.

Sharing images

PicsArt Photo Studio

To share your photos, I need to create an account on the PicsArt website. With the account created, you can share your images on Facebook, Tumblr, Dropbox and Flickr, as well as browse photos taken by other users within the app.

Advantages and disadvantages

The app looks very beautiful, intuitive and easy to understand. Also, practically complete in terms of features, almost all available in the free version.

As disadvantages, the application may be slow to perform some functions, and the presence of advertisements bothers a little. The version for windows is much more limited than the versions for Android and iOS, which can make users a little dissatisfied. of this system.