Pickup Bandits Invade Apple Store to Close for Makeovers

Depending on your point of view, this news can be viewed as a stroke of luck or bad luck for Apple: four men broke into the Apple Highland Village (in Houston, Texas) crashing a pickup truck against the glass wall of the store last night was the second such occurrence in just over a year.

The bad guys, however, failed to steal much because a police officer was in the store during the incident. To top it off, the site was already scheduled to close for renovations anyway, and would probably have its glasses replaced anyway in the near future. What a roller coaster of emotions, huh?

Information passed by the local police to the Houston ChronicleHe says the four suspects in the vehicle crashed into the glass wall of the store after knocking down a concrete barrier that was put in place just to prevent such an occurrence. When they broke into the Apple Store, however, the men ran into the policeman, who was working as a night watchman; Upon noticing the presence, the suspects simply grabbed some produce from the nearest tables in the driveway, climbed back into the truck, and fled. The stolen pickup was found abandoned a few miles away, and fortunately no one was injured.

As stated above, this was not the first time Apple Highland Village saw such a theft: by June 2018, bad guys had broken into the store in exactly the same way, demanding that Apple replace one of the glass panels on its facade. . Neither Ma nor the police have disclosed the value of the stolen items, but it is estimated that the damage to the glass panel is greater than that of the devices themselves.

In any case, the store has a date set to close temporarily for renovations: as reported on its official page, the closure occurs from 28th next, still no date for reopening. Will Ma exchange the glass panels for a sturdier element, given the history of the space?

via Cult of Mac