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Photoshop free? Meet 7 free and online photo editors for PCs and Macs

Want to edit your photos without having to install anything on your computer? Check out some online photo editors that promise to boost your photos

No matter how good you are as a photographer or how expensive and efficient your equipment is: it is almost always necessary to do some retouching on your images, be it a simple cropping, horizon correction, distortion and color correction, brightness adjustment or even a contrast inverse. Post-processing, popularly known as ?Image editing?, one of the steps responsible for giving "life" your photos, for making them impactful.

In the market, there are several software that can assist you in this task of post-processing your photographs. THELightroom and Photoshop, for example, are the best known and most used photo editors, as they bring a number of advanced features. However, having to pay monthly for Adobe services can be an obstacle for some photography lovers or users who just want to do basic touch-ups on their photos.

With that in mind, we've selected seven free online photo editors that promise to please from beginning users to the most demanding. All the alternatives listed below, although they do not have all the features present in the famous Photoshop, are completely free and work in the cloud, and can be accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet.

Check out the 7 best photo editors online

Pixlr Editor

Simple and easy to use, Pixlr offers users practically all the basic tools of the Adobe Photoshop, in addition to artistic filters and automatic optimization options. Just open your internet browser, access the publisher's website and, ready, you will have access to all the software tools without having to register or something similar. Perhaps this is the most striking feature in the Pixlr: any user with basic knowledge in editing can master it in a few minutes.

Pixlr an interesting alternative to Photoshop Pixlr an interesting alternative to Photoshop – Photo: Reproduo / Thiago Rocha

Its design reminds the editor of Adobe, which can be a positive point for many users. The service also stands out for having support for layers, masks and format files RAW, making life easier for photographers who prefer to work with a ?raw? file that has not gone through a compression algorithm.

To know: Pixlr X (simplified version) and Pixlr E (advanced editor).

THE Pixlr It is also available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Ideal for: Beginners; fast and simple image processing.


Fotor provides an interesting interface for online photo editing, making it ideal for beginners. With it, you can enhance an image with a click, applying filters and noise corrections, for example, or choose any of the specific editing tasks, such as cropping, editing curves, changing the temperature, saturation, hue, adjusting sharpness and much more. The software also provides a set of smart effects, as well as a tool for creating collages simply and quickly.

Fotor an interesting bet for beginners Fotor an interesting bet for beginners – Photo: Reproduo / Thiago Rocha

As Pixlr, it can handle files RAW without too many problems and also allows you to create business card designs, images for social networks, posters, banners, documents and invitations.

To know: Fotor.

Ideal for: Amateurs and beginners; digital influencers and digital marketing.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A simpler and lighter version than the desktop version, the Adobe Photoshop Express it does not need to install any program on your machine, making it interesting for those who have a weak computer and want to use the basic tools of the full version of the software. Its interface is divided into two modules: Edit and Decorate. The first allows basic edits, adjustments and effects, such as cropping, removing red eyes, adjusting saturation, white balance, among other things.

Adobe Photoshop Express is among the best photo editors Adobe Photoshop Express is among the best photo editors – Photo: Reproduo / Thiago Rocha

The ?Decorate? module, in turn, offers tools to add text, bubbles, stickies, costumes, pictures and other things to your images. A negative point of the online version of the photo editor Adobe that it only supports images in the compression pattern JPEG (JPG, JPEG and JPE) and with a maximum size of 16 MB. This limitation prevents, for example, the user from editing images with a transparent background (PNG) or preserve all capture data (RAW).

To know: Adobe Photoshop Express.

Adobe Photoshop Express is also available for Android, iPhones and iPads and also in the Windows Store.

Ideal for: Casual users; basic and quick editions.


With a focus on creating design pieces and image editing, Canva offers an intuitive and elegant interface. Its highlight, in addition to the uncomplicated layout, is due to the possibility of creating different types of content, from a simple image for social networks to the creation of a visual identity (logo) for companies, posters, slide shows and invitations, all with the help of a guide that promises to help you get incredible results.

Canva offers more than a million photographs, vectors, graphics and fontsCanva offers more than a million photographs, vectors, graphics and fonts – Photo: Divulgao / Canva

Like the editors mentioned above, Canva's online photo editor also offers basic tools to make adjustments to your favorite photos. There are more than 14 filter options for you to apply effects or correct imperfections that escaped during the clicks, but if the filters are not enough for you, the software also offers brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment features, which can help you improving the appearance of illuminated areas, contours, dark and light areas.

Another point that draws attention Canva the service of Cloud. With a simple registration, the user has access to 1 GB of storage in the cloud to send their projects. In addition to being available online, the editor makes applications available for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

To know: Canva Editor Basic.

Ideal for: Amateurs and beginners in the world of graphic design; quick edits.


THE Befunky simple, intuitive and one of the best online publishers regarding the performance of this list. It features a variety of elements to improve the quality of your images, as well as an effective and simple collage feature. As the publisher Canva, The Befunky also contain design elements that allow you to create beautiful invitations, brochures, posters, slides for presentations in Power point and cards with just a few simple steps.

If your goal is to edit photos and images for social media posts, the Befunky it may be a good option for you. Although it has a good amount of resources limited in the free version, it promises to be an interesting alternative to create collages and simple graphic design.

To know: BeFunky Editor.

Ideal for: Creating content for social networks.


One of the most popular online editors for basic touch-ups, iPiccy is another interesting alternative for those who have never had contact with a photo editor. His promise will make it possible to create attractive images and edit photographs in no time. For this, the software presents a very easy to use interface, eliminating complicated functions and resources and betting on tools with a single click.

iPiccy one of the most popular online editors for basic touch-ups iPiccy is one of the most popular online editors for basic touch-ups – Photo: Reproduo / Thiago Rocha

The editor also offers access to more advanced features, such as curve adjustments, cloning tools, background erasers, color correction and other options. It delivers more than enough tools to satisfy most novice users in the world of photo editing.

However, the iPiccy have limited options for saving your files (only JPG and PNG) and limits sharing to Facebook only. However, the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously and the simple interface, compensate for the limitation and provide high productivity.

To know: iPiccy Editor.

Ideal for: Beginners and amateurs looking for robust features.


The last editor of the list bets on a design similar, if not identical, to that of the Photoshop. This can be a positive point for those who are already familiar with the Adobe, however, it can be evident that the brand was not concerned with creating a visual identity Own or even easier for those who have never had contact with photo editors.

Photopea has Photoshop-like design Photopea has a design similar to Photoshop – Photo: Reproduo / Thiago

However, the Photopea stands out for the amount of tools available free of charge and also for the fact of being able to work with Adobe's proprietary format, the PSD, in addition to the known JPG, PNG, RAW, XCF. A precise layer system, loop tool, curve adjustment, magic wand and a function that allows you to delete image objects more easily also integrates this online editor.

To know: Photpea Advanced Editor.

Ideal for: Users looking for a more complete editor.

What is the best photo editor for you?

There are a multitude of options available on the internet aimed at beginners and more advanced users. The ideal is that you test all the alternatives listed above and choose the option that best meets your needs without too many problems and without consuming a lot of your time, thereby increasing your productivity. important to note that the publishers listed on offer all the features of the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, for example, but they are interesting alternatives that should provide the tools needed by most users.