MacBook Pro after defective battery explosion

Photos show the reason for the MacBooks Pro battery recall

As you probably saw, two weeks ago, Apple called a recall worldwide to replace some batteries of 15-inch MacBooks Pro, Retina model (sold between September 2015 and February 2017), because they could overheat and, in some cases, even explode.

A little later, we brought some more information about the case, showing that Apple received 27 reports of overheating by users – a small number, but no less worrying, considering the magnitude of the danger. Well, recently, this danger has been shown in photos.

The designer Steve Gagne posted on his Facebook profile a report on his MacBook Pro with a defective battery. Gagne was asleep when the computer exploded and caught fire, filling the house with smoke; the designer then jumped out of bed and managed to contain the small fire in time before it took on larger proportions.

The MBP, according to Gagne, was closed, disconnected from power and at rest. Amazing: the designer had a habit of leaving the computer on the sofa or in a basket with notebooks and notebooks during the night (which would certainly have caused a fire of much larger proportions), but specifically that night he had left the Mac resting on the solid surface of your coffee table. Here’s the tip, folks: never leave your computers on “soft” surfaces or near flammable objects.

The photos published by Gagne give an idea of ​​the magnitude of the problem:

MacBook Pro after defective battery explosion

The designer reinforced the need for all MacBook Pro owners to check, on this page, whether their computer is affected by recall – just enter the serial number and follow Apple’s instructions. Safety first, after all.

via Cult of Mac