New Apple Fifth Avenue

Photos: After almost three years, Apple Fifth Avenue reopens with Tim Cook present

Ladies and gentlemen, finally: after almost three years, the most iconic Apple store is, again, with the doors of its famous glass cube open to the general public.

Just as a brief recap of the past 974 days, the Apple Fifth Avenue, in New York, closed for renovations on January 20, 2017, temporarily moving to a space just behind the main store – where the famous toy store previously operated. FAO Schwarz. Since then, a lot has happened: the glass cube has been removed, images of a model of the renovation appeared and we discussed rumors, not materialized, that the cube would become a Beats1 radio studio.

New Apple Fifth Avenue

Well, this is all in the past – what matters is that now the store is already among us. Apple’s new senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, had already exposed some details about the new Apple Fifth Avenue in the company’s last keynote; today, however, we can admire the internal beauty of the new space through several photos officially released by the Cupertino giant.

New Apple Fifth Avenue
New Apple Fifth Avenue

As we can see from the images, Apple (and the architecture studio Foster + Partners, traditional partner of Apple) made a radical renovation in the internal area of ​​the store. The dungeon aspect, with artificial lights and gray tones, came out; in its place came an airy space – albeit completely underground – with dozens of small skylights (some of which, in the square above the store, are integrated into beautiful circular benches).

New Apple Fifth Avenue

A very nice detail is in these rings of light integrated into the internal parts of the skylights. Endowed with a kind of technology True Tone themselves, they can adjust the color temperature of the light emitted according to sunlight (or lack thereof), creating an environment always bathed in warm and cozy tones.

In addition, the store almost doubled in size and its ceiling height was significantly increased, further expanding the feeling of lightness – an effect enhanced by the presence of internal vegetation, which has become common in recent Apple Stores.

New Apple Fifth Avenue

The space has a traditional screen for sessions Today at Appletwo Boardrooms for internal meetings and a room called Experience Room, which looks like a real living room and serves to demonstrate the integration of Apple products and services – and today it is focused on a practical demonstration of how HomePods work.

New Apple Fifth AvenueExperience Room | Photograph: The Verge

The glass cube itself remains the same, but the central staircase, what a difference: the famous glass construction leaves and a new (and beautiful) stainless steel structure arrives in its place, with 43 floating steps that integrate with the railing in a single piece of glass and to the central hatch, with an elevator.

New Apple Fifth Avenue
New Apple Fifth AvenuePhotos: The Verge

It is worth noting that the renovation added two additional entrances to the store, on the sides, to avoid the traditional lines at the cube gates; both have staircases carved in stone, as we have seen in other recent Apple Stores.

New Apple Fifth Avenue
New Apple Fifth AvenuePhotos: 9to5Mac

As traditionally the most visited Apple store in the world, Apple has set up a veritable war operation to ensure that all customers are served, whether in sales or technical support. According to the company, the new Apple Fifth Avenue has 900 (!) Employees, who speak more than 30 languages; the counters of Genius Grovenow they extend throughout the store, so there is always room for consultation.

The inauguration

Apple Fifth Avenue officially reopened its doors today at 8 am local time. THE timing was timely – hundreds of customers, after all, lined up to buy their new iPhones and Apple Watches on the first day of sales (and discover the new space, of course).

Tim Cook was the master of ceremonies in the morning: the CEO of Apple greeted people in line, took selfies, participated in the countdown and opened the doors of the new store, integrating with Apple Store employees to receive customers and distribute high fives to newcomers. Who was also there, of course, was Deirdre O’Brien, retail head of the company.

Cook himself went to Twitter to celebrate the reopening and to share some photos (attention to the first with the boy taking selfies with an Android smartphone):

The cube is back! Our store on Fifth Avenue has always been a special place for Apple and visitors from around the world. We love New York!

Apple Fifth Avenue, as before, will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and you can now consider a visit to the big Apple. Good trip! ?