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Photography, games and science in the palm of your hand: Start the week with 5 new free apps

To help you give more power to your smartphone or tablet, SAPO TEK brought together some of the best free apps from Apple and Google digital stores.

It is true that an image can even be worth a thousand words, but there are texts that are always good and, this week, you can count on an application that will awaken the potent vein and give an even more artistic touch to photos. If you took advantage of the period of social isolation to take family portraits from the bay and want to give your photographs a new life, there is an application to think of you.

Learning more about the world around us does not have to be boring and, thinking of the youngest who are studying at home, Google decided to include new virtual lessons in the augmented reality search functionality for smartphones. Fans of live events from NASA International Space Station missions can also count on an application to keep themselves updated.

This week the games are once again highlighted in an application that brings together a series of mini games, but which also serves to give wings to a possible game designer rib.

Know in detail all the suggestions of the week

A picture can even be worth a thousand words but there are texts that always look good

TextArt is a photo editing application: not necessarily of the photo itself, but of the possibility of adding text and other artistic resources to images.

The main purpose of TextArt is to help users easily add text to photos. For this, the app offers several types of fonts, with different color palettes.

There are backgrounds available, but you can also use the images you save in the gallery of your smartphone as a background. Regarding the text, you can choose between phrases made in categories such as love, friendship, good morning, thanks or motivational or write a sentence of your own authorship.

TextArt has free editing tools such as filters, crop, rotation, mirror, and others for permanent paid or temporary access, viewing advertising.

Among other resources available are also stickers and decorative elements, the latter with the same type of restricted paid or temporary access with advertising.

As already noted, TextArt Text to photo is free, but with advertising and in-app purchases, and is available for Android devices.

Google's augmented reality search wants to make science classes even more interesting

Through Google's new augmented reality search features, kids and graduates can learn more about the world around them: all from the smartphone.

Thinking of the youngest who are studying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google decided to include new virtual lessons in the augmented reality search functionality for smartphones. Users can, for example, browse 3D models of the human body, explore the composition of cells and even discover the mysteries of Neil Armstrong's astronaut suit.

In collaboration with Biodigital, a company specialized in interactive 3D software, the new functionalities allow to explore life-size representations of 11 human body systems. Google explains that, with them, kids and kids can also click on the different tags to learn more about certain parts of the body.

The technological giant has joined forces with Visible Body, a company in the area of ​​realistic representations of the human body, to create interactive 3D models of cells of animals, plants and bacteria. Just zoom in to see what's going on inside the organisms.

With the isolation measures implemented by governments around the world, going to a museum has become a complicated task. However, with the augmented reality search functionality, the living room can easily be transformed into a museum to help young people discover the past.

Google AR | Neil Armstrong Google AR | Neil Armstrong credits: Google

But not everything: Google indicates that all Android smartphones compatible with augmented reality technology also come with features that make it easier to share all virtual learning adventures.

Stay informed on what is happening at the International Space Station through an app

ISS Live Now offers live broadcasts from the ISS, among other content related to NASA missions.

For those who like to follow the live events of NASA International Space Station missions, the ISS Live Now application is ideal for not missing anything. In addition to transmissions, in real time, filmed directly from the ISS, the app can follow its orbit through an available map and know where on Earth it is passing. Do you want to know the interior of the ISS? Then you can watch guided tours by the astronauts on board.

In addition, you can access a set of cameras installed both inside and outside the Space Station. If you are lucky you can even follow the work of the astronauts on board or dedicated interviews. The app includes NASA TV and NASA TV Media, with a variety of content and programs on space agency missions, as well as research reports and issues related to space.

The launch of rockets and satellites are also possible to follow and whenever it enters the application, a table informs what are the next live events. For example, on May 20, another JAXA rocket from Japan will be sent, followed on the 25th by its arrival at the destination. But the eyes will be set on the 27th, for the launching of the SpaceX Crew Dragon on board the Falcon 9, as it is the final manned test, which will start the NASA Commercial Program.

There are many things to discover in the app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android versions.

Give a new "life" to black and white photos with this app

If you've always wanted to color an old photo, Colorize Images can help. You can go and take the pictures from the bay.

Black and white photographs certainly have their charm, but with the Colorize Images app there is a way to make them gain color. For this, the application has the help of machine learning and the photos that are transferred to the app.

First of all you have to choose an image from the gallery that you want to transform or select from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome or Google Photos. The app then uses a GPU server to color the image, with the source photo being sent over the network. The colored one and then "returns" to the equipment.

For best results, I advise that the images have good quality, good contrast and a good focus. If the photographs do not have these characteristics, the results may be more difficult to achieve, but you will always have the possibility to adjust some parameters in the app.

The application is free and available for iOS.

Do you like games? There you have several choices and you can create more

It's called Fancade and it's a free app – with ads that are easily supported – that brings together a series of mini games, but also serves to give wings to a possible game designer rib.

The first interest in Fancade will be to play and not to be badly served. This application has a series of small games, fun, interesting without being overly complex and, therefore, excellent to pass the time.

There are two formats to play with. Firstly, Quest, with several worlds featuring mini titles developed by Martin Magni, creator of the app, in which it will be necessary to accumulate a certain number of stars in order to explore the next world.

An Arcade mode is also available, where games created by third parties using the tools available at Fancade are gathered, divided by the highlights with the latest additions or by the most popular games, but also traditionally classified by categories such as Puzzle, Arcade, Drive or Physics.

In terms of development, the application offers different game styles that can be combined with various graphic elements, based on the editing of a type of game already created or the creation from scratch.

There are kits, tutorials, blocks to add, among other elements, that will serve both for those who have no idea what to program and for those who understand the subject.

The Fancade is free and available for Android and iOS devices.