Photographing the Moon with an iPhone 4

Amateur astronomers certainly love the options available on the App Store and Apple is keen to show how much it loves this type of app. With the iPhone 4 and its five-megapixel sensor with backlighting, however, the passion for celestial bodies can reach another level: that of keeping memories of night sky explorations.

Telescope and iPhone 4

With the apparatus above, a portable telescope that costs just over US $ 130, a Japanese man was able to photograph the Moon quite competently, arriving at an image that even allows us to admire the craters on the surface of our natural satellite. Unfortunately he doesn't say how he got the iPhone 4 to be attached to the eyepiece in the correct position: it seems to be a special case if anyone knows which one, shout in the comments!

Check the result below:

Moon photographed with iPhone 4

To help with nightly explorations, there are two app tips: Planisphere ($ 1; 5.7MB, requires iOS 3.1.3 or higher) and Moon Atlas ($ 6; 53MB, requires iOS 3.1.3 or higher), both from Horsham Online. As the iOS camera app does not offer any control, it is also recommended to use some third party application to manually adjust exposure and other controls.

(via Engadget)