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Photographer gives tips for taking sensational photos on cheap Android smartphones

A professional photographer used a simple entry-level Android smartphone camera to take pictures. Check the result

The head of Image and photography of the Portal Android Authority, Edgard Cervantes, made a very interesting test with the Moto E5 Plus to show the capacity of an Android smartphone camera when used correctly and with the vision of a professional in the area.

This is certainly a question that you already had, after all, new models of cell phones with innovative features arrive every moment. However, it is difficult to keep up with so much evolution and to keep changing models every time a more advanced one appears. But, do the simpler Androids have the capacity to compete with professional photos?

What a professional can do with a basic camera for smartphones?

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

Moto E5 Plus was the device used for the tests (image: Android Authority)

It was to answer that question that Edgard Cervantes performed the test, choosing the Moto E5 Plus. The professional in the area works with media and technology for about nine years, his favorite photographer Joey Lawrence.

… The most important factor is the ability to cause some kind of emotion, to show the subject well or to tell a story. In addition, composition, lighting and style are some of the things that photographers have in mind.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

To do the test he did not even mention expensive lenses or accessories, but focused only on the device Moto E5 Plus, which has a 12MP camera, focusing mainly on manual mode. For editing, he used the Adobe Lightroom CC, because an application is available on mobile devices and has all the features it needs.

Whether with the Moto E5 Plus or any other Android

For him, everything starts with a great lightingBut it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to get a good effect. Look at the curious example he gives of how to create a good condition lighting:

It doesn't take much to create good lighting. I would find a piece of cardboard in a trash can, spend R $ 2.00 on a roll of aluminum paper and create a silver reflector. Then, I would take what I want to photograph to a nice place, like an interesting roof or wall that corresponds to the moment's vibration. At sunset, I reflect a little light on them, or use the reflector to create a sparkle in their eyes. Then I would use the remaining R $ 98.00 for a good dinner for my team and me.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

To clarify the issue, Edgard Cervantes made tests with images of products, foods, people and even photojournalism images, comparing HDR Manipulated manually and automatically. Check the result:

Test 1: product photography

In the first test, the professional only replicated photos of the Android recently made, in a studio with a controlled lighting environment. Among the differences, it is possible to compare the details of the table surface, the telephone, the tones and the depth. However, these comparisons are possible because there are other comparative references, but the isolated photo would hardly be identified as one taken from a smartphone.

The truth is, even for a professional, it would be difficult to say that these photos were taken on a phone if they were not next to an almost identical DSLR photo. There are many differences that a well-trained eye will see in the details.

Edgard Cervantes

Android Camera Moto E5 PlusComparison between several images

Test 2: portrait

The wife of Edgard He is looking for a job and he took the time to make a portrait option. In this case, he did not approve much, the hair shadows were more evident than with a more sophisticated camera, however, we can say that it can be used normally.

Portrait photography test (image: Android Authority)

Test 3: photojournalism

With the Moto E5 Plus he took some photos of trips made to Tijuana and clicked moments of migration on the US / Mexico border. A moment that is very worthwhile for him to be immortalized due to political, economic and social clashes.

It is a very interesting situation to capture and a very interesting topic.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

Photo test in photojournalism (image: Android Authority)

Test 4: HDR

Most video cameras smartphone It has High Dynamic Range (HDR), however, we do not use the total complexity that this technique makes possible if applied manually. The pictures HDR assembled by hand, they are exposed more uniformly, contain much more detail and are less artificial.

Essentially, HDR performs a balanced exposure across the frame. This is done by recording multiple images at different shutter speeds. The idea is that each photo has different levels of light.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

HDR photography test (image: Android Authority)

Test 5: Food

Photos of foods and foods are very popular, but usually have some flaws. In the case of this test he used a small LED panel to direct the light directly at the cake, an effect that can also be done using the cell phone's own LED torch.

There is a good level of detail in the texture of the bread and whipped cream. I wish there was more data to work on the top layer of the cake, which had pieces of chocolate and Oreo. This is where you can see how the dynamic range of a smartphone camera can be lower.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

Food photography test (image: Android Authority)

Test 6: Photos by a

Texture, trained and cellular look in the hand. In this other test, he just clicked images by showing the effects that the texture causes and how important it is to have a trained and differentiated look to capture good images. The result is very nice. Look:

Moto E5 PlusTest photography just by clicking randomly (image: Android Authority)

And you? Ready to go out with your android, even if it's simple, to test new photos and be successful with more beautiful photos, be it the Moto E5 Plus or any other? To photographer Edgard Cervantes these results show the technological progress of smartphones and how far they got. For him, a little affection with the photos goes beyond the technological capability of the device.

These photos took a lot more work than just pointing a smartphone at something and pressing a button, but you don't have to do the same. This is simply a demonstration that giving photos a little love will go a long way. To put it bluntly: your camera is probably not the cause of your ugly photos.

Edgard Cervantes, Head of Photography for the Android Authority Portal

Source: Android Authority