Fotógrafo é banido por tirar foto da Golden Gate de um lugar ilegal

Photographer banned for taking photo of the Golden Gate from an illegal place

Photographer Bruce Getty was arrested for taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, in So Francisco (USA), from an "illegal angle", according to authorities. According to the district, the professional received an order to close his activities in the area and is in a state of progress. That is, the photographer will have to deal with justice if he continues to appear near the same area again.

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Getty has many photos of the Golden Gate Bridge on his Instagram, which shows that this problem has never happened to him before. In an interview with abc7 News, the photographer said that he is "just a guy who likes to go on the rocks to get a single angle of the bridge". He also stressed that he is usually not the only one who does this.

Photo taken illegally by Bruce Getty, officials said

The photo that put the photographer in this situation was taken in 2018. The image shows the iconic bridge seen from the bottom up during the Red Moon period that happened that year. When the authorities saw this photo, Getty was accused of break into a restricted area to be able to take that photo. Because of this, he received a court order to stay away from the area. The district also is asking for the profits that Getty made with the image.


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District spokesman Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz said that they "apply the law when it comes to sharing photos of restricted areas on the bridge"Getty says it has not sold any copies of this image and refuses to remove it from its website and social networks.

The story goes much further, as there are security fences in the forbidden place with "do not cross" warnings. Getty explained to the authorities that he jumped these fences when the sea was low, and added that received a fine for invading property in the same location in 2014. In December 2019, the photographer was stopped by the police for the same reason, in the same area. The officer said he would not apply a fine and asked Getty to delete the photos taken there. Bruce Getty says he refused to delete the photos at that time.

We still don't know how the case will end, but Getty is forbidden to go near the site again.

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