Photograph a different style [Street View Brasil]

Fiat Stilo red

Confirmed: the vehicle to be used by Google to film Google Street View in Brazil will be the Fiat Stilo. THE Reuters Agency heard a source linked to the Italian automaker, who will sponsor the service.

On 06/19/2009, the internet user Arthur Vinicius saw three red Fiat Stilo near the Google branch in Belo Horizonte. Too bad he couldn’t shoot.

Folha de São Paulo today publishes that Google Director Felix Ximenes says: “We neither confirm nor deny. When it comes to promoting, we will do it in style ”. Style? Better: Stilo. 🙂

What will be the first Brazilian cities to be filmed: I, in particular, believe that one or more will already be available on Thursday. This is because in other countries, where the service was launched, on the day of the announcement, at least one city was already available. The capital of São Paulo is considered the pole of the time. I believe that the cities of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Salvador are also strong competitors.

In any case, all large and medium-sized cities are expected to be filmed in the coming years. So, when you find a Fiat Stilo with Google Street View cameras on the roof, photograph it and send the photo to Google Discovery.

PS 1: Fiat and Google, don’t forget that we want a green Google Street View, that is, that all Stilo, who will film Brazilian cities, use only ethanol!

PS 2: If you catch a Fiat Stilo with Google Street View cameras, you can send a photo, film and location to the email: [email protected]. We will publish.