Photo contest - Friends of Columbia Gorge

Photo taken with an iPhone 6 wins annual photography contest

If there’s one thing that has evolved a lot in recent years, it was smartphone cameras. In 2019, we have already seen the arrival of devices with three lenses, with incredible zoom and even capable of taking great photos in very low light conditions. This evolution is so great that even “older” devices still look good.

Want an example? The non-profit organization Friends of Columbia Gorge, based in Portland (Oregon, United States), announced the winners of its fourth annual photography contest this week.

In it, people were invited to send photos in five categories (cultural, scene, wild flowers, wildlife and young photographer). The winning image was taken by Colleen Wright (from Oregon) on September 3, 2018 with a… iPhone 6!

The photo was recorded on the Nick Eaton Ridge trail, an area hit by a major fire in 2017.

Photo contest - Friends of Columbia Gorge

The judges described the photo as follows: “This moody image evokes both the devastation of the Eagle Creek fire and insinuates the forest’s resilience, like the sun cutting through the mist and the green stains revealed on the ground cover on the hillside. The lighting is fantastic… the photo just sums up the resilience of nature in general and George in particular. ”

Below, the winners of all categories (cultural, scene, wild flowers, wildlife and young photographer, respectively):

Photos by Jeremiah Leipold, Jeremiah Leipold, Don Jacobson, Bill Partin and Ethan Nenadic (14 years old)

And here are the honorable mentions:

Photos by Daniel Gomez, Catherine Hotchkiss, Bill Kirkland and Sharon Philpott

Contest winners received gift certificate from sponsor Pro Photo Supply and a backpack from Columbia Sportswear; they also won a large copy of their respective photos and were invited to attend the Friends of the Columbia Gorge Annual Meeting and Lunch as guests.

In addition, winning photos and honorable mentions will be framed and displayed during the month of May at Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River. All framed photos will go on sale and the proceeds will be used to maintain the organization. In total, Friends of the Columbia Gorge received 352 photos for evaluation.

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