Photo Scan & Colorize, Best 7 Minute Fitness Workout and more!

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Take advantage of our selection of App Store promotions this Wednesday!

Tired of traditional models of education? Your chance to change everything has arrived! Pocket Academy allows you to create the school of your dreams.

Define room layout, sponsor art shows, promote clubs, encourage sport and even define which “popular” couple of the week at your school. Similar to other kairosoft titles, it is a good option for those who like simulators.

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Below are other iOS apps / games that together add up $ 60 off:

Raven app icon: Photo Scan & Colorize

Scan your photos.

Best 7 Minute Fitness Workout app icon

Physical activities.

After Credits app icon

Find out if the film has a post-credit scene.

Memorize by heart app icon

Memorize what is important to you.

Math Trainer app icon

Mathematical exercises.

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Be sure to also follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) through the official app created by SUS:

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Take advantage of offers and see you tomorrow. Ah, remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! ?