Photo editor: the 10 best apps for Android and iOS

Are you looking for a photo editor to resize, compress or crop images? So check out our list of 10 free options for Android and iOS

A good Photo editor for Android and iOS It is essential for those who have high quality cameras on their smartphone and do not want to leave their memory full or take many images and love to post on social networks, such as Instagram. As there are many options and not all are so interesting, we prepared this list with 10 free apps that I will help you resize, compress, cut and deal with quality photos and in a simple way.

Reduce Photo Size

Screens from the Reduce Photo Size app, showing steps of choice, configuration and recording of the modified image. With a very simple interface, the Reduce Photo Size is ideal for fast clippings

Simple and straightforward, the Reduce Photo Size in only resize, rotate or crop images. Although this may make you look less complete than the others, it is possible that you are looking for an app exclusively for this. In addition to taking up very little storage space, less than 6MB once installed, the app is easy to use and don't compromise the quality of the photos.

Of course, if you try to resize an image to a size other than the original, it will naturally lose quality, because it is stretching the photo.

In case of Reduce Photo Size, the point that can really bother the user are the announcements displayed in the application, even though they are discrete and do not affect in no way the use of functions.

Download for free Android


Well known by those who usually work with videos, the Inshot also a great photo editor, being able to crop, compress and resize images with an interface easy to use. Because it is designed for social networks, the app has cut and resolution options ideal for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. In addition, the ability to also cut and rotate videos makes it a multipurpose tool for those who post different types of media.

Inshot can be downloaded on both Android and iOS and does not have invasive ads. However, it is important to mention that, in video editing, the app usually adds a watermark edited videos, which can be solved by purchasing the premium version.

Download for free Android and iOS

Image size

Screens of the Image Size editor. A photo of a cat lying in an armchair is being worked on.In addition to being able to choose the ideal format for printing, the application itself has a shortcut for fast printing

Another photo editor with a focus on cutouts Image size. Although its interface may seem somewhat confusing at first, those who learn to use it get a tool powerful, especially if they usually cut photos with the intention of print them after. When cropping the image, the user can choose the ideal format for each type of printout A3, A4, A5 and others, including the standard 3 × 4.

In the other menus, the app also offers other tools editing, including color, brightness, contrast and filter adjustments. However, its main function even crop photos into ready-made formats printed.

Download for free Android

Photo Compress 2.0

Full screens of Photo Compress 2.0 for Android, showing options for choosing, editing and recording the image.Photo Compress 2.0: photo editor lets you crop, resize and compress images for free

As the name says, the Photo Compress 2.0 specialized in compress photos. For that, it has a very simple interface. Only better not to be translated for the Portuguese.

When using it, you must select the photo you want to edit and then decide what to do with it: free format, resize or compress. At the end of the edit, you can still decide whether the cropped photo replaces the original or should be saved as copy, the more secure.

PhotoCompress 2.0 offers a Pro version able to resize images in batch. However, since the free version, the app also has the functions quick resize and quick compress, that allow resize and compress photos with just one touch, without the user having to set the resolution or compression rate.

For those who suffer from little memory on the smartphone, compress images saved in storage a great trick for free up space without having to get rid of them.

Download for free Android


Cram photo editor screens. The first shows that the app tells you how many images can be edited until the free usage period ends.Unfortunately, it is necessary to pay to compress more than 300 images with Cram

Another photo editor focusing on compression O Cram. Like Photo Compress 2.0, its interface is very simple and does not require much learning, but unfortunately it is not translated into Portuguese. For those who don't bother with it so much, the app is very useful, as it can be compressed several photos at once, it is even possible to configure it to delete the original images later.

Even though it sacrifices image quality, Cram, according to its developers, can reduce the photo size by up to 3 times.

Despite being an app freeIt is important to mention that the basic version of Cram is limited to 300 compresses after that, it is necessary to buy the full back to continue use.

Download for free Android

Photo Resizer

Screens of the Photo Resizer application. Photo Resizer capable of batch resizing images

Like Reduce Photo Size, the Photo Resizer Made exclusively for people who want to crop or change the resolution of photos. Precisely for this reason, it does not have filters or color and light adjustments, but able to resize images batch, which can be useful if you want to edit multiple images without the hassle of resizing one by one, just like it would be necessary in a common photo editor.

Another attraction of this software is space that it occupies in the memory of the cell phone: only 22MB, while the most well-known publishers usually pass From 100MB. For all this, if you need to resize photos frequently, have Photo Resizer installed make your life easier.

Download for free Android


TinyPhoto screens showing selection and image processing.If for some reason the Photo Resizer doesn't work for you, TinyPhoto also resizes photos in batch

With a proposal that is also quite direct, the TinyPhoto able to resize and crop photos in batch, which makes it a alternative for those who did not like the Photo Resizer so much, for example. Despite not having additional functions, the low memory consumption and the ease of use are the main attractions of this app, which only fails to be translated so well into Portuguese.

To use the application, you must first select the photos you want to edit. Then, just select one of the options: cut, resizing or batch resizing. After making the edits, the application still saves the images in a separate field, which makes it easy to find and share the edited files.

Download free for Android


With the same proposal as the Photo Resizer, the Squeeze also able to resize photos in batch, however, exclusive to iOS. In its free version, the app allows you to change the dimensions of several photos and videos (!) at once s. J in Pro version, different resizing methods are offered and the possibility to create templates which can be very useful if you usually resize photos to a same resolution.

As if that weren't enough, Desqueeze even supports videos in 8K, making it ideal for reducing video dimensions Ultra HD (4K and 8K) in order to consume less space or so they can be shared on social networks. Like the other apps on the list, this one still capable of to spin and reverse the images, horizontally and vertically.

Download for free iOS

Adobe Lightroom

Although its capabilities go far beyond simply cropping images, the Lightroom, gives Adobe, great for that too. For being a professional software and with the Adobe quality seal, there is a guarantee that the final image will not lose any quality. In addition, the free app is available for both Android and iOS and free of ads.

The tool cut Lightroom is easy to use, allowing free-form or non-cut 1 × 1 format (ideal for instagram posts). In the same tool, it is possible to spin the image, invert it, horizontally or vertically, and correct your horizon.

In addition to all the quality provided in the cutting images, it’s worth remembering that Lightroom is also great for color, shine and others, which ends up making it a tool complete and indispensable for those who edit many photos.

Download for free Android and iOS


Another photo editor that is competent when cutting images Pixlr. As with Lightroom, the fact that it is an app from Autodesk, producer of several professional software, also gives more credibility. However, Pixlr displays advertisements, which may bother some.

The Pixlr crop tool allows you to crop images into more formats than Lightroom, which makes it possible to extract horizontal clippings from vertical images, and vice versa, with more accurate. Some say that the interface of this app is also easier to use than Adobe’s, not to mention the fact that it offers filters, frames and collages, bringing together several functions in one app.

Download for free Android and iOS

And, like our list? Do you think we forgot some cool photo editor? Give us your feedback and interact with us through comment field below!

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