photo book summarizes the last 20 years of design at Apple, in honor of Steve Jobs [atualizado 2x]

“Designed by Apple in California”: photo book summarizes the last 20 years of design at Apple, in honor of Steve Jobs [atualizado 2x]

In a very surprising move, Apple today announced the launch of a book, yes, a book; photographic physics that sums up the last 20 years of design at the company, in honor of Steve Jobs.


Designed by Apple in California covers all major Ma products released since 1998, with the first iMac, up to the Apple Pencil in 2015.

It also ?documents the materials and techniques used by the Apple design team during two decades of innovation?.

Apple design chief Jony Ive obviously spoke about the project:

The idea of ??genuinely trying to create something great for humanity has been Steve’s motivation from the beginning, and it remains as much our ideal as it is our goal as Apple looks to the future.

This file is intended to be a gentle gathering of many of the products the team has designed over the years.

We hope it brings some understanding of how and why they exist, while also serving as a resource for students from all design disciplines.

A total of 450 product photos captured by Andrew Zuckerman are diagrammed in a small (26x32cm) or large (33x41cm) version, costing US $ 200 or US $ 300 respectively.

The book will be sold online in Germany, Australia, Korea, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and Taiwan, starting tomorrow (16/11).

It will be on display and sold in some physical stores as well, such as Regent Street in London, Ginza in Tokyo, Fifth Avenue in New York, Lincoln Road in Miami, Union Square in San Francisco and Infinite Loop in Cupertino s to name a few.

Update 11/15/2016 s 15:45

In addition to the video above, Ive also gave an interview on the subject to the Wallpaper *.

Update II 11/16/2016 at 9:59 am

The book is now sold online.

Update III, by Eduardo Marques 01/10/2017 s 15:25

The book is available for purchase in Brazil!