Phishing attacks LinkedIn users

Users of the professional social network LinkedIn have, in recent days, been victims of a “massive attack by phishing“, which uses the name of the service to send messages to those targeted in order to lure them to fake pages.

The information has been reported by several international media and today was the subject of a statement by security companies ESET and WhiteHat, warning of the problem – which has also plagued TeK’s mailbox.

As they explain, the social network, which has more than 60 million users worldwide, is being used as bait by cybercriminals, who send emails with the name of the service as a sender.


Forged messages contain links to a fake page where Internet users are informed that they must download the Adobe Flash Player, being presented with a window to record or execute a malicious code file, with the name flash_player_07.78.exe, read in the press release .


Experts recommend extra care with the emails received and the calls contained therein.

Microsoft also announced on Monday a set of new security features for Windows Live Hotmail to address growing attempts to misuse users’ credentials. The measures also aimed to facilitate the process of recovering passwords on accounts that were the target of attempted attacks.