Philips would be working on new models of Hue external lamps

The electronics manufacturer Philips would be working on new external models of smart lamps Hue, including product upgrades to existing and completely new options for the brand portfolio.

Most likely these products will be presented during the CES 2020.

The information comes from a supposed catalog of the company that was found on the site.


The starter kit, the Starter Kit, has a suggested price of R $ 1,099.

With that, Philips Hue would be working to expand its list of products available to consumers.

Among the news is the Philips Hue Nyrois an angled lamp that can be purchased as a path lighting model or a wall lamp.

Official Website: Philips Hue Lamps

There is also Hue resonatea box that emits light both up and down the wall.

J a Hue Appear a Resonate tubular version and there are even new wall options Daylo (which circular) and Attract (which has a transparent lamp).

All lamps cited in this news have color and ambient light design options.


Philips garden lamp Hue lily have your visual design enhanced, even gaining a larger size option.

Call of Lily XLThis option is about 12cm wider than the original option.

It is also capable of generating 1,200 lumens, almost double the 640 lumens of the base model.


To complete the list of leaked lamps by the catalog, there is also the external wall lamp Impress.

According to the leak, the products will be released during spring 2020 in the northern hemisphere, which will take place between March 20 and June 20.


Nevertheless, no release date was specified and no price was specified for the products.

More details are expected to be revealed during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which will happen between January 7th and January 10th next year.

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