Philips launches iGadgets-compatible car monitors and monitoring systems

Launches and more launches. THE Philips has just announced several new products compatible with iGadgets, starting with monitoring systems that talk to a special application. All will be available at Apple Retail Stores later this month.

Philips In.Sight, In.Sight Baby Monitor, InRange and TwinPlay

There are three new products that are part of the line of monitoring systems: the In.Sight (starting at $ 130), a small camera that records when it detects noise and / or movement and is also capable of sending videos in real time to an application for iGadgets through the internet; O In.Sight Baby Monitor ($ 170), which allows parents to track their baby remotely using an iPad or iPhone / iPod touch; it's the InRange ($ 50), a thin card that sends notifications via Bluetooth 4.0 when you move away from the perfect user's iPhone 4S / 5 to know when your wallet / bag leaves you.

In addition to these new features, the company also announced a curious car accessory, the TwinPlay. With two 7 or 9 inch monitors ($ 170 and $ 200 respectively) connected to a dock, you can plug your iPhone / iPod touch into the 30-pin connector to watch videos and movies inside any car. Lightning-compatible versions are yet to be released.

(via MacRumors)